How to Book a Cottage Rental

   Here are some tips on how to book cottage rental:

1. Make up your mind.

Before even starting a search for rental cottage, you need to decide for yourself what you want from it. First - define your goal. For example, big family get-together, friends gathering, celebration of some events, explorations, get away into wilderness, etc. Once the goal is set, identify people who will join you, your maximum budget and "must have" features of the cottage rental For one type of renters "must have" features would include popular location with many attractions and direct access to water, for others - sandy beach, high-speed internet, sauna and billiard in private location.

2. Start searching

There are literally hundreds of listing websites that provide you some kind of cottage rental inventory in Canada. Rental management agencies also host websites with the properties they manage but usually it is limited to 20-200 cottages. First, we deal both with private owners and rental agencies. Second, we have unique feature that allows you to see accurate and instant price quote for any cottage for any given period of time. Compare it to the manual way of determining your final price depending on the time of the year and duration of your stay. Third, our search engine allows in narrowing your results based on cottage features, location, number of people, price range, etc.

Please note that during summer season and around New Year most cottages can be booked only on weekend basis. Another important point is that for private cottages the weekly rental usually starts on Saturday. If you have some flexibility in your rental dates, you can use our "Flexible Date Search" feature to get better selection of cottages for the best price.

3. Contact cottage owner

Best way to contact cottage owners is to phone them Many cottage owners are located in remote areas where internet is still a luxury and many of them don't check their email on regular basis.

Once you contacted the cottage owner, be prepared to answer and to ask many questions.

Good cottage owners always have many screening procedures that are designed to make sure that the cottage keys are given to responsible people who would treat their cottage with respect. For example you will be asked to provide total number of people who plan to visit the cottage, their age, if there is special purpose for this trip (e.g. bachelor party), what kind of pets will be brought if any, if you rented private cottage before, etc.

You also should confirm any details that you found in the listing and ask additional questions. For example, how close is the water, if the cottage has shared facilities, how to get there (you might find that the cottage is only accessible by water), what is the final price with all fees and taxes. Any potential referrals might be helpful as well. For some cottages you might find cottage reviews on our website.
Another important discussion you should have with a cottage owner is booking deposit, cancellation and damage policies.

4. Reserve cottage

If you have made enough research, you probably should know if you are getting a good deal or not. Please note that there are no free breakfasts in cottage rental business. Good cottages in prime places are rented for $2,000-$3,000 per week during summer months and if your cottage is cheaper - most likely there is some sacrifice involved (distance, location, cottage features, etc).

Once you ready to reserve, you would need to give your credit card or send a check to the cottage owner to reserve your spot. There are a lot of scam going on with personal checks, therefore cottage owners prefer credit cards (if they can process them) or certified checks or checks that are received long time in advance.

At this stage you also need to sign and fax/email "Terms and Conditions" of your rental. Read it carefully before signing to avoid any surprises.

5. Arrival

There are three possible scenarios for getting access to the cottage: you will be provided with access code from the lock box that contain a key, owner will give you the key on your way to the cottage or owner will meet you at the cottage.

Once you arrived, immediately check cottage for broken equipment or furniture. If you will find any damage, notify cottage owner immediately to avoid damage penalties for things you did not break.